A shelf company is a pre-registered company, rather than one that is yet to be incorporated. The term refers to a company that is sitting on a proverbial “shelf” and ready to be purchased for an immediate start in business.


We have the list of the shelf companies already registered in the UK, Ireland, USA,  Scotland. Some of our off-the shelf companies, you may find a shelf company with the VAT registration number, shelf company with a bank account, off-the shelf company registered with nominees, or a shelf company. At this moment, we have the following Ready Made Shelf companies:


  • UK company, with Bank Account DATE: 2016-APRIL  ▶︎ ON SALE    


  • UK company, with VAT number  DATE: 2017-MARCH  ▶︎ ON SALE


  • UK Company with VAT number and Pre-Bank Account  DATE: 2017-JANUARY  ▶︎ ON SALE


  • USA LLC Company with Pre-Bank Account DATE: 2018 - JANUARY  ▶︎ ON SALE  





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